My goal in any one-on-one session is to get the best picture of your health and lifestyle in order to meet your specific needs. This is done through an in-depth health history as well as a physical assessment. From there we discuss the best approach to help bring greater function to your body or create better emotional coping strategies through movement and hands-on work. 

Some of the key areas which are important are to address:

  • Assess and work towards a better aligned body

  • Retrain breathing patterns for optimal function

  • Reconnect with the reflexive core

  • Build a stronger core, butt and back to prepare you for everyday mama stuff

  • Hands on treatment to relieve scar tissue and muscle/fascial restrictions.


We want to:

  • Stabilize your body by strengthening (not by locking down mobility)

  • Empower you with the knowledge to help yourself as demands on your body change

  • Get you back to a life where you can enjoy being a mama.

  • Have fun!