The greatest wealth is health
— Unknown
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Massage Therapy

As a Massage Therapist I use my hands to relieve tension in the muscles and fascia to free up the body for better movement.  Often when the body is in a state of dysfunction, it will 'lock down' an area as a way to create stability.  Massage can help to get movement and flow back, and when combined with strengthening and stretching improve overall function of the body.


When focusing on a functional and healthy body the idea of exercise isn't enough.  This is why I consider my approach movement based vs exercise based.  How you move throughout your day, not just during your work-out, is incredibly important in improving your core and pelvic floor function, creating strength and resilience and making sustainable change in your life.  What to know more?


Photo: Trista Zinn of Hypopressives Canada

Photo: Trista Zinn of Hypopressives Canada


In the 1980's a technique was created in Europe with the goal of preventing pelvic floor dysfunction or helping postpartum women recover.  It combines poses/movements with a specific breathing technique to improve the pressure system that often leads to pelvic floor dysfunction, optimize the synergistic function of the core and create stability and strength in the body.


Restore Your Core is an amazing movement program that combines yoga, pilates and other movement disciplines to create mobility and stability in your body. Created to help women with core and pelvic floor issues, it meets you where you are; and where you are may surprise you… which is awesome! You get to truly understand how your body is functioning and learn the tools to help alleviate your symptoms and create a strong and functional body. I loved the program so much for my own body that I am now a Certified Restore Your Core teacher offering group, individual and on-line instruction.