Shayne Henderson is a Massage and Movement Therapist who focuses on Women's Health. She helps create strong, resilient mamas through mindful movement and touch therapy.


Her own experiences with prenatal anxiety, postpartum depression and pelvic floor issues drives her passion to empower women with the knowledge to alleviate symptoms of diastasis recti, pelvic floor dysfunction and pain; while creating strategies and resilience for the emotions that motherhood brings.  Shayne works with individual women in-person or online or through her courses and workshops in Toronto.




There hasn't been enough focus on the fourth trimester. The physical experience of carrying and birthing a child is immense and the proposed '6 weeks' just isn't long enough.  Too many women are suffering from complications with birth trauma (vaginal or c-section), pelvic floor dysfunction, diastasis recti, and pain. No woman should have to live with the idea that this is all 'normal' and something to 'just live with'. Change can happen, you can heal.

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When we become a mother, everything changes. Who we were, what we know about ourselves and how the world perceives us all changes in a moment. For some, it can be overwhelming and isolating; leading to postpartum depression and/or anxiety. There are tools to help this transition go smoother or to come back to a place where you feel grounded again and fall in love the new and amazing you.

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